Why should you PRINT your products professionally?

I'm a portrait artist - it's my job to take photos and edit them so they can be printed and displayed proudly on a wall. When I edit images, I don't edit them so that they will only be good viewing from a phone or computer screen. I take careful time (hours and hours) to edit every little detail of each image selected so when it's blown up on a 30x40 canvas, nothing is out of place!

Memories are best preserved in tangible form. When you receive your artwork in hand, it gives provides such an amazing feeling that you otherwise wouldn't experience. Honestly, every single time I get a canvas delivered I feel like a kid in a candy shop! I open it to check for quality, and when I see it, my heart flutters (and most of the time it's not even of my family!). 


If you have made it this far - awesome! More yummy goodness on the benefits to printing below...

Something I read online that I found all too true: As “shoot-and-burn” photography has become more prolific and consumers have become increasingly addicted to the images on their social feeds, printed photography has become more rare. “We’re being dubbed the ‘lost generation’ because as a whole we’re printing and preserving our histories less and less,” according to PPA Director of Education Angela Kurkian, M.Photog.Cr., CPP. “Relying on electronic ways to view and archive our images, we may be endangering our entire personal visual history.” Source: Professional Photographer Magazine

Now, I'm Not saying that you should only print your images, because let's face it - most of us want digital files to be able to share as well. The good news is not only do I sell high-res images, but I also provide a free social media (web resolution) version of the image with certain product purchases. Just ask me how.

I've already done all of the quality testing!
The quality of the lab I use is seriously amazing - see for yourself in the images I took of products received by them!

Why should you do research/testing and waste valuable time? You may research print labs online, find some you like and still wonder which one is actually good? Then you may find one you really like just to find out it's only accessible to professional photographers. 
Why should you spend time uploading your images to a site (or going in person to a store), cropping/framing them, selecting a photo finish, etc?

By printing at a neighborhood store, you will lose quality! The prints that come back may be strangely orange or green in color, overexposed to where the highlights are blown out - losing detail - or the photos may lose depth through lack of contrast (no one wants flat looking portraits).

I will ensure that the products I deliver are exceptional in color & quality every single time. I only offer products that I would personally want to display and that will thrill my clients. Plus, for all album orders, I am the one spending the time designing each album specifically for your pictures.

I am very proud to offer such premium artwork! 

Why should you trust me with printing your images?

I've been in business many years and have purchased crappy products - it's frustrating and makes the beautiful artwork I have created look subpar. I want the images I create to be displayed flawlessly for others to see and large items to only use Premium mounting materials. I only select the best products because I want you to show them off to friends and family and hopefully gain new clients from it too!

I'll help you select sizes and types of prints (matte prints, mounted prints, albums, gallery wrapped canvases) depending on what works best for your style and space. You can even send me a digital copy of the different walls you want the images displayed on, and I have a special application that allows us to create a display digitally! It's pretty fun I might add :D

Keepsake Albums

Gallery Wrapped Canvas / Mounted Prints

 Digital Images

I deliver both High Resolution and Web Resolution versions of each digital image selected by my client. This allows you to share your images online and print.

Your photographs (digital negatives) will be provided to you via electronic download (for fastest delivery) or on a custom K-Rae Images USB flash drive (mailed to you). It's important to remember that although a USB flash drive is generally a reliable storage device, thumb drives aren't a perfect long-term archival solution. Therefore, if you receive your thumb drive or online download link, I strongly recommend that you create multiple backup copies of your images. I do archive images taken, but there is a cost for me to retrieve and resend (so try not to let that happen to you!).

Below are images of my custom USB drives that clients can choose to receive their digital purchases on.

*All images taken by K-Rae Images